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Vision & Mission


Mundipharma’s vision is to be one of the leading pain management, Oncology supportive care, Respiratory and Antiseptic companies in the world, spearheaded by our operations in the Emerging Markets. We are a specialty pharmaceutical company with a balanced portfolio of complimentary pharmaceutical products.


Our mission is to substantially improve the quality of life of patients everywhere by alleviating the global burden of pain and needless suffering of millions. By continuing to grow in each new market with empowering leadership, being performance driven, and a focus on alignment and accountability, we will achieve our vision by:

  • Building a strong product pipeline and a varied portfolio of products through strategic partnerships and in-licensing
  • Forging a strong sales and marketing organization focused on the correct product(s) for each patient
  • Demonstrating courageous leadership to set direction and drive results
  • Providing effective medical education to assist in the growing acceptance of pain management medications