Business Development

Mundipharma specializes in drug delivery systems and these are applied to our range of analgesics, rheumatoid arthritis and respiratory treatments. We also have antiseptic products and are establishing our presence in the oncology market and beyond.

  • Mundipharma is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical enterprises in the Emerging markets, while meeting increasing demand for innovative patient-centric solutions
  • This growth is supported by a heavy R&D focus on new product development that challenges orthodoxies to improve quality of life for people everywhere.
  • Over its history of more than 60 years, Mundipharma has established its presence across six continents, with production facilities in US, UK, China, Canada, Germany and Cyprus
  • Mundipharma’s treatments provide support to more than four billion patients worldwide

We are actively looking for products that either complement our current portfolio or offer a promising opportunity for the patients in our region. Through our presence and extensive contracts in the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and North Africa regions, we can become your ally from the development all the way to the promotion and sales of your product.  Contact us to explore potential collaboration opportunities.